Questions about WeBeam

What is WeBeam?

WeBeam is a new way to meet and engage with people at events. Our team has built iOS and Android Applications with the purpose of connecting people.

What problem does WeBeam solve?

People miss out at events. They talk to only a handful of people, they aren’t part of the bigger discussion, and even exchanging contact details is tedious. WeBeam gives people access to the possibility of connection with everyone in the room, seamlessly. It's a smashing hit.

How does WeBeam work?

Simply download the app, make a profile, and start finding people. We give people the ability to tell their story by beaming it to others within 50m. Think of it like your personal assistant pointing you to like-minded people.

How do I connect with people on WeBeam?

It’s very easy to WeBeam your story, and even easier to exchange contact info. You’ll never need to search, type phone numbers, or write anything again; just WeBeam it.

Why would I use WeBeam when I'm on Linkedin?

Think of WeBeam as a way to find opportunities in a room. To make yourself stand out, you create a Beam in two seconds and thats what people will see in a room. A Beam can be advice to tell people or what you are looking for. All happening in real-time. Linkedin is great for connecting with professionals, but WeBeam is better providing opportunities in real-time locally.

Do I need a Facebook account to use WeBeam?

No. But, you must login using Facebook or email.